Enseignante et éternelle voyageuse mais pas que....Elle aime aussi se creuser les méninges pour le fun et c'est aussi elle qui gère le planning des équipes de chroniqueurs d'

Tear down this wall

Notre chroniqueuse en Allemagne nous fait découvrir une nouvelle salle chez l’enseigne Make a break Berlin.

Le début du test: (en anglais, à vos traducteurs…)


Welcome to the Escape Game: Welcome in a former district of East Berlin ! The adventure takes place near Frankfurter Allee in a typical berliner building. At the door we could already feel the ambiance.
We were friendly welcomed by Max who explained us our mission before we entrered the 1st room …. Then it’s a leap into history.ScenarioEast Berlin, 9 November 1989. The Berlin Wall appears to stand firmly despite East German protesters demanding that border guards immediately open the gates. The swamped guards are waiting for the orders… to shoot or to give in? The West German secret service asks you to carry out a top secret mission. In exchange for helping you escape to the West, you are to broadcast fake orders to the East German border guard to open the gates. But beware: you only have 60 minutes before the East German communication systems are shut down! Your journey will involve capturing secret documents in East Berlin, smuggling them to West Berlin, and using the East German communication systems to end this stalemate. Break through the Wall and pioneer the new beginning in the Federal Republic of Germany!
It’s a very original way to talk about the history of Berlin. As a player, you’re in the shoes of someone trying to reach west Berlin with a topsecret mission.
„Tear down this wall“ is a reference to a line of the memorable Ronald Reagan speech in 1987.


Very realistic with a lot of vintage objects, the attention payed to details really puts the players into the ambiance. The sound is also helping a lot we just regret it wasn’t louder at some specific moment to put the players in a position of intense tension. We really loved the

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Tear down this wall